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Testimonials of Organization and Founder Gitika Gorthi

I looked at your site and what you are working to achieve is amazing! You are doing such an amazing initiative, I am so glad to have a motivated individual like yourself as apart of the space industry.

Mr. James L. Harrington, NASA Computer Scientist

Great job Gitika, at such a young age you are doing so much! Good work.

Mr. Sunny Kabrawala, CEO Of Space Technology and Aeronaturical Rocketry

What I remember from NASA Sisters Program almost 4 years ago was how mature Gitika was, and eager to network. I gave my email address to all the girls and she was the only one in the group to reach out. I think that shows her ambition, even as a middle schooler, to achieve her goals. 

Ms. Lindsey Jones, Professor at the University of Stevenson

I think [IgnitedThinkers] sounds wonderful. Your passion for rocketry is awesome.​ I am so glad you are doing this and helping many students.

Ms. Margaret Dominguez, Optical Engineer at NASA

You are doing an amazing initiative, amazed by all of your work.

Ms. Marry Popp, Lockheed Martin Employee

I was once a Title 1 student myself, and seeing you doing this for underprivileged kids makes me so happy because I know the value of your program. Thank you for doing this, it is such an amazing deed at such a young age.

Ms. Chelsea Partridge, Lockheed Martin Employee

First of all - congratulations on all of your incredible work so far, I'm so impressed by your ambitious project! I would absolutely love to be a part of it.

Ms.Sasha Warren, Ph.D. student at the University of Chicago

This sounds like a really awesome project! I know a bit about how much time and effort goes into it :) and I am so glad you are doing this wonderful project, very impressed.

Ms. Nina Arcot, Princeton Graduate and Northrop Grumman Employee

 I LOVE this idea that you are doing!

Ms. Vicky Woodburn, Senior at Northwestern University and 4x NASA Intern

Thank you for your very well-written email. Your project sounds like an excellent way to spread awareness about space education and excite young kids about a STEM topic! We typically hold a STEAM Night for families at our school! You would be a PERFECT fit as a presenter.

Ms. Rachel Lanier, School-Based Technology Specialist at London Towne Elementary School

Wow, I am so impressed with you and all that you are doing! I think this might be an amazing thing for some of our students here at Clearview. We are interested. I would love to hear more and see if it is a good fit.

Ms. Kate Beckner, Assistant Principal of Clearview Elementary School

Thank you so much for reaching out to us! Your program sounds like it would be a perfect fit for either our STEAM Club or Virtual STEAM Night.

Ms. Pamela Breslin, STEAM Resource Teacher at London Towne Elementary School

I am so glad that you have heard about the Global Classroom Project, and see some potential connections with your work in STEM education, specifically as it relates to model rocketry and space education. It looks like you are very passionate about the subject, and your website looks really interesting!

Ms. Joann Hardy, Fairfax County Public Schools Global Classroom Project Liaison

Gitika made an excellent presentation of her interests and concerns regarding STEM education to a group of FCPS staff. Her personable demeanor, willingness to consider other perspectives, and deep interest in rocketry, space exploration, and aviation, would make her an excellent addition to the Explainers corps.

Mr. Christopher Scaptura, Fairfax County Public Schools STEAM Director

Congratulations on nearing this achievement and all the work you have for it thus far.

Ms. Kryn Ambs, Payload Operations and Safety Engineer at Made in Space

You are doing​ a wonderful initiative!

Ms. Seward Forczyk, Founder and CEO of Space Consulting Firm Astralytical

Amazing work you are doing!"

Ms. Emma Louden, Ph.D. student in Astronomy at Yale University

I love the effort you are putting into the project :). I would be more than happy to help you! 

Ms. Julia Stankiewicz, Master's Student for Aerospace Engineer in Germany

Hi Gitika, great to meet you and really awesome work you're doing! I would be glad to support your effort in any way. 

Dr. Seetha Raghavan, Professor & Researcher at University of Central Florida in Mechanics of Aerospace Structures & Materials

I was just looking through your channel and I am so impressed.  You are just so good and natural in the way you interact with people. Tell your parents that they did a very good job in how you were raised. Again, I am so very impressed with your capabilities at your age.
You are going to have a remarkable career down whatever path you follow.

Mr. Kingston Vickers, Human Spaceflight for Defense and Space

This is a wonderful initiative. I would be honoured to speak with you :) 

Ms. Hira Nadeem, Master of Engineering Science student at Western University's Institute for Earth and Space Exploration and Co-Founder of Zenith Canada Pathways Foundation

Hi Gitika, I saw the recent interviews you conducted. Keep doing great work and being an inspiration for many others.

Mr. Yogi Patel, a Ph.D. student at Illinois Tech and NASA Lucy Space Ambassafor

I am very impressed by your space champion interviews and your dedication to educating the young generation. I share the same passion and enthusiasm.

Dr. Sarah Baatout, Director of the Radiobiology Unit at the Belgian Nuclear Research Center in Belgium

Great work! 

Mr. David Kasibante, Space Policy and CEO of Space for Tomorrow

Keep doing such great work!

Mr. Alafrangy, a Space Exploration Program Lead, NASA Analog Astronaut, Proposal Coordinator, and Aerospace Engineer

You are doing amazing work!

Mr. Baker, Former Manager, Operations Support Office at NASA/Johnson Space Center

Your website is very good and mission is great.  The Apollo flight controllers used to say "we are ordinary people getting to do extraordinary things".  I was too late for Apollo, but started in space just before STS-1.  What you are doing is inspiring folks to do more than think is possible and this is a tremendous activity.

Mr. William Gerstenmaier, Senior Principal Flight Reliability Engineer SpaceX and consultant at SpaceX

I’m still surprised you’re only a junior in high school. You’ll have a great career ahead of you if you keep working this consistently hard.

Mr. Mitchell Farnsworth, Co-Founder of Nested Storage

Love your work Gitika! It's lovely to see other inspiring young people on LinkedIn

Ms. Arshia Rana, Founder + Editor @ InMyOpinion

Your talk was so energetic!

Mr. Abhishek Singh, Student at Vellore Institute of technology

I also have to say that IgnitedThinkers looks absolutely amazing and impressive for a young woman to have founded.  Keep following your passion for Space Biology!!

Ms. Alicia Davis, Owner/Executive Coach at Transformative Leadership Strategie

I think you are awesome, and well done on founding the IgnitedThinkers. It is really commendable.

Mr. KIYINI Joseph Balamazze, WCRC National Promoter/Representative Uganda at World Cansat Rocketry Championship

Hi Gitika! It's great to see aspirational high school students like yourself. Keep it up

Mr. Antonio Stark, International Business Developer & Space Policy Analyst

I absolutely love your interviews! They are really high quality! 

Ms. Sweta Alla, Co-Founder of Edu4Space

Gitka, first of all, you honor me and of course I accept your offer. Your work is excellent.

Mr. Mike Mongo, Author, Astronaut teacher, & Influencer

As a grandparent, have to say your mission is extraordinarily compelling!  I am a pale male and have long championed more (much more!) diversity in the space community.  And so your efforts are to be applauded.


Yes, very glad we connected!!

Mr. Courtney Stadd, Former Chief of Staff and White House Liaison & President of Capitol Alliance Solutions

Wow!  You did an amazing job.

Dr. Aidyl Gonzalez, Co-founder and Co-directer of the Gift over Learning Differences Initiative (GoLD Initiative)

Thank you for getting in touch. I am pleased to hear that you are interested in and planning to have a career in space medicine.

I admire your passion for space medicine, so do keep pursuing your ambition.

Mr. Harris Myles, Ph.D. student at University College London conducting research for Risk and Disaster Reduction

It is good to hear that you are a space enthusiast, and that you are proactive in your pursuits. 

Dr. Jeffrey Jones, Professor at Baylor College of Medicine Space Medicine Program & Space Doctor

Hi Gitika, nice to meet you! I am glad to learn about you and your organization. I am excited to hear you are aspiring to go into space medicine. I hope to learn more about your work!

Dr. Parshati Patel, Astrophysicist & Co-founder of Women of Color in STEAM Canada

Thank you for reaching out and congratulations on IgnitedThinkers. You are doing incredible work to educate and inspire. I'd be glad to be interviewed for the Space Champion Series.

Dr. Jennifer Fogarty, Director of Applied Health & Extreme Environments Division at Sophic Synergistics

Thank you for your awesome interview.  I really appreciated your professionalism and level of preparation.  You did a fine job.

Mr. Jim Cantrell, Part of Founding Team for SpaceX, Vector Launch, StratSpace, and Vintage Exotics Competition Engineering

Gitika, nice to meet you and wonderful to hear everything you are up to. Congratulations on everything that you have accomplished so far - very impressive, and always nice to meet a fellow space med enthusiast!

Dr. Shawna Pandya, Director of Medical Research at Orbital Assembly Corporation and is a Scientist-astronaut candidate with Project PoSSUM, a physician, aquanaut, speaker, martial artist, advanced diver, skydiver, pilot-in-training, VP Immersive Medicine with Luxsonic Technologies, and Fellow of the Explorers’ Club

Thank you so much! Your professionalism and passion is very impressive! See you at the 6th grade one! I hope we can continue working together next year too!

Ms. Moonhee Doan, Greenbriar East Elementary School Gifted and Talented Teacher

All the very best for your NASA internships and for your journey, I have no doubt it will be a stellar one and much look forward to seeing what you will be up to in the next years.

Mrs. Grazia Vittadini, CTO of Airbus

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