Projects in Planning

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work." IgnitedThinkers wants to make a big change, and it will take time, but it will happen. Take a look at the projects below IgnitedThinkers is working on to make our vision progress. Please contact IgnitedThinkers if you have any input, can provide donations, can help in these initiatives, or give us contacts. All help is truly appreciated.

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Hands-On Learning for Students

Collaboration with Fairfax County Public Schools

IgnitedThinkers is working with Fairfax County Public Schools and more specifically the Career and Technical Education Department to provide kits to classrooms in the county to inspire students to discover their passions/interests in the aerospace industry. The kits align with state standards and encourage the students to gain the confidence to explore aerospace through a safe space to explore in classrooms with their peers.

If interested in a similar program at an educational system or institute, please contact us for more information.

Global Space Contest

Safe Space to Explore and Innovate

IgnitedThinkers is planning a K-12 global competition with Janet Ivey, the Founder/CEO of Janet's Planet. The competition will enable students to form teams and explore the interdisciplinary sectors of the aerospace industry in an innovative manner.

If you would like to help donate or would like to support this specific project please contact us.


Air Force Research Laboratory: STEM

Collaborating with Air Force STEM Efforts

IgnitedThinkers is working with the STEM outreach department of the Air Force Research Laboratory to bring in a unique understanding of the aerospace industry and help ignite the passions of STEM in students.

Through virtual webinars series, in-person events, and interviews, IgnitedThinkers is planning on working with the AFRL STEM Outreach team to continue making a positive impact in the community.

Please contact IgnitedThinkers if you would like to help us in the above projects mentioned in any manner. If you have new ideas for us, please reach out! IgnitedThinkers is always open to new projects and supporters!