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Humans To Mars Summit 2022-2024

The Humans To Mars Summit 2022 and 2024 took place at George Washington University. It is the largest annual conference in the world dedicated to the goal of a sustainable human presence on Mars starting no later than the 2030s ( IgnitedThinkers CEO, Gitika Gorthi, spoke both years at the summit, and the recording of the speeches can be found below.


International Space Development Conference (ISDC)

The International Space Development Conference is the annual conference of the National Space Society. Now in its 37th year, these conferences connect the general public and the NSS membership with leaders of contemporary space efforts. ISDC connects the top leaders of current space efforts with NSS membership, students, and the public. IgnitedThinkers CEO, Gitika Gorthi, spoke Day 2 and 3 of the conference.


New Space Conference

NewSpace Conference brings together startups, established companies, and government agencies, with private investors and tech innovators, to discuss the future of the space economy. IgnitedThinkers CEO, Gitika Gorthi, had the incredible opportunity to speak on the importance of space technology to benefit life on Earth and investment on interdisciplinary aerospace careers.

United Nations Headquarters

IgnitedThinkers Founder/CEO, Gitika Gorthi, collaborated with Space Prize to speak with the United Nations United States of America Ambassador on the importance of investing in space exploration as a form of unifying the world.


Luxembourg Space Finance Event

IgnitedThinkers was invited to attend the LSF conference in NYC. The event celebrated the latest achievements and progress within the space ecosystem in Luxembourg and identified the opportunities for investment and innovations companies and investors are seeking, and finding, in Luxembourg. It will also further strengthen the EU and US network and cooperation within the space sector.


Space Prize Reception

IgnitedThinkers CEO, Gitika Gorthi, spoke on a panel at the Space Prize Networking Reception in NYC on empowering young women in the space ecosystem.


ASMA 2023

A key theme for this year's Annual Scientific Meeting for Aerospace Medicine is "Aerospace and the Next Generation." IgnitedThinkers CEO, Gitika Gorthi, spoke at the ASMS 2023 conference in the next steps academia and industry can take to inspire young students to pursue aerospace medicine as a realistic career choice.

Stardust Festival

The mission of the Stardust Festival is to ignite curiosity, inspire innovation, and promote inclusivity by showcasing the wonders of STEM+ education and exploration, with a special emphasis on Indigenous contributions, in a captivating and immersive festival experience. IgnitedThinkers had the amazing opportunity to ignite students' love for aerospace in Canada through the Stardust Festival!

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