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Start Young Webinar

Gitika Gorthi was invited by STAR, an organization that strives to spread space to all, to be a panelist in their series of webinars to spread space education and share inspirational stories to others during the unprecedented times with Covid-19. I shared my journey of starting rocketry at a young age, 13, and how I came to be the founder of IgnitedThinkers. It was an amazing interview that can be found on STAR's facebook or on their youtube channel! 

Here is the webinar poster:
















Here is the link to the webinar:

After the webinar, I was invited by another 2 webinars --one for my journey and another for a rocketry workshop for kids online-- and I was contacted by a parent whose 11-year-old, Sanjay, was inspired by the webinar to pursue his passion for rocketry. Mr. Padmanabhan, Sanjay's father, wanted to have a conversation on how to help his son pursue his passion for space and rocketry and I was excited to know of such supportive parents! To support Sanjay's efforts, we planned a GoogleMeet meeting with Sanjay, his father, and me! This young boy will definitely do something great to further our understanding of space and I cannot wait to see his discoveries.

Below is a picture that Sanjay drew, showing his deep love for space: 


London Town ES Webinar


Clearview ES Webinar

Clearview Pic 2.png

Halley ES Webinar


Greenbriar East ES Webinar


St. Joseph's Convent Webinar


Mount Abu Public School Model Rocketry Webinar


Intrepid Museum Workshop


Artemis 2 Celebration Webinar

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