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Global Space Education Summits

1. Vizag, India

The first event conducted by IgnitedThinkers was in Vizag, India at Sherlie's Home. Using Estes model rockets and motors, the kids learned about the importance of aerodynamic principles and the basics of rocketry. Over 60 kids were able to see the launching of rockets and learn about the basics of physics in model rocketry. It was an amazing experience, and all the kids thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Gitika Gorthi and Dr. Scribner are planning to conduct another workshop in the future to get these kids into space careers and to further the kids' understanding of rocketry in the future. IgnitedThinkers provided resources for kids to continue in model rocketry and space education, as well as giving awareness to these kids on how to get into the space industry.

Visit the Sherlie's Home website to donate to their home and help support these creative and intelligent kids with basic needs and school supplies:

This event was a proof of concept of future workshops IgnitedThinkers plans to host, and paves a pathway for future workshops for kids of all ages around the world.

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2. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

IgnitedThinkers hosted our second Global Space Education Summit, and this time, in Tanzania! Working with the Youth Ambassador of East Africa, Jessica Mshama, IgnitedThinkers hosted a three-day summit targeting kindergarten through university students, inspiring over 400 students. The purpose of the summit was to ignite students' passion for space exploration, connect aerospace companies in Africa with young talent, and inspire students' to pursue interdisciplinary aerospace careers with their unique interests to advance space exploration and benefit life on Earth.

IgnitedThinkers is planning to conduct our next Global Space Education Summit in Kenya. Watch our Tanzania Space Education Summit vlog to re-live our event:

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