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Let's create more visionary aerospace leaders together!

What We Do


IgnitedThinkers conducts free workshops and webinars internationally on various aerospace topics, increasing awareness of interdisciplinary space careers and connecting young students with free resources to get their foot in the space industry.

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Ignite Change, Educate, & Inspire

Space Champion Interviews

To break stereotypes and equip students with the confidence to pursue a career in the space industry, IgnitedThinkers has a youtube channel to showcase diverse space champions and their unique space careers. The goal is to provide free information and ignite students' passion for space exploration!

Space Education Summits

IgnitedThinkers hosts Global Space Education Summits to empower students K-university level to pursue interdisciplinary aerospace careers and connect students with local aerospace companies/agencies they can pipeline into in the future!

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Our Collaborators

Many organizations and respectable individuals in the space industry support IgnitedThinkers and the non-profit's initiatives. Click the button below to learn more about current supporters and collaborators.

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Educational Resources

Bringing opportunity is vital; however, providing a method of continuity is even more imperative to a student's success in the space industry. IgnitedThinkers provides students documents with free resources they can read to learn more!

Hands-On Learning

IgnitedThinkers is working to provides hands-on learning tools for all classrooms to access in the form of kits that align with educational standards, and provides hands-on, interactive programming for museums to incorporate into their experience for visitors.

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