Rocketry Forever... how?

Many current organizations teach a skill and leave those groups of kids to figure out their future themselves. IgnitedThinkers is not like this. IgnitedThinkers allows students all around the world to continue rocketry forever. IgnitedThinkers is different from many organizations because its specialization is being able to provide continuous rocketry to all the kids, without leaving them with just some knowledge.


You might be wondering, how is that possible? After IgnitedThinkers goes to a location to introduce rocketry and builds some foundational space education knowledge with the kids, IgnitedThinkers will then connect them with local rocketry organizations and local mechanical shops (to receive materials not allowed to be shipped from other countries like motors) to allow the kids to continue building model rockets, earning certifications, and increasing their space knowledge. Additionally, IgnitedThinkers will provide students with "how-to" documents to build various rockets and learn new concepts that are important to gain a deeper understanding of space knowledge. Additionally, IgnitedThinkers has documents that has compiled documents of scholarships or free resources students can access to gain more understanding of the space industry and getting a space career.


IgnitedThinkers will ship rockets to the location rockets are being built, and an elaborate video on how to construct that specific rocket. Local rocketry organizations will supervise the flying of the rockets and provide other necessary supplies. The difficulty level of the rockets being built will slowly increase at a steady pace. In this process, those who choose can participate to earn a NARTREK certification. This certification will help them gain respect in the field of rocketry, especially in the U.S.


Many would find motors an issue in this process, but many organizations inside their country have a formula of making their own motors to fly basic rockets which IgnitedThinkers is partnering with. Additionally, IgnitedThinkers is hoping to work with Estes to be able to get motors to different countries in a safe manner.


Another issue which many would think in an obstacle is language. That is not true; language is never a boundary to learning. IgnitedThinkers will work with those in that country to make sure there is no language boundary when explaining the procedure in building rockets. IgnitedThinkers team will also include those who can speak multiple languages. The Founder and CEO of IgnitedThinkers, Gitika Gorthi, herself can speak many languages. The CEO can speak English, Hindi (the national language of India), Telugu (a specific language in India), French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin.