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Kid Space Pioneers

FLYSKY Rocketry Club and IgnitedThinkers collaborated to organize a webinar of model rocketry for kids and future space pioneers. This webinar was conducted during Covid-19 to provide kids with knowledge on space and keep their minds engaged all for free. It was an amazing experience to host this webinar with Mr. Umang Sudani and teach many students about the space industry.

Here is the webinar poster:





Here is the link to the slideshow used for the webinar (pdf format):

Here are the recorded videos to the webinar (one is just presentation with us talking, and the other one is for the google meet session itself): The slideshow video at the left from the beginning and the google meet video to the right at 16 minutes and 29 seconds sink together. Please watch together for the best clarity! For just information, watch the video to the left. Thanks, hope you enjoy :)

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