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YaYa Stars X IgnitedThinkers

IgnitedThinkers, in collaboration with YaYa Stars, hosted a diversity in STEAM webinar for 130+ students attending the Title 1 school Halley Elementary School. Diversity in STEAM is crucial for advancements and creative innovations, as well as to overcome obstacles. Conveying this message message to the future generations is crucial and illustrating examples of diverse champions in the STEAM industry is imperative to provide inspirational to the future generations.

Breaking stereotypes, conveying the importance of diversity, and showing the children they can be in the space industry was the focus of this webinar with the students! IgnitedThinkers can't wait to reach out to more students in collaboration with other change-makers in collaboration with YaYa Stars!

#space4all #diversity

A few pictures from webinar:







halley patch 3.png
halley es 2.png
halley es 1 final.png
halley 4.png
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